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Port O'Connor Flounder Gigging Guide Service

I invite you to come and enjoy an exciting night of guided flounder gigging in Port O'Connor TX. aboard the TANK - a 22' Floundering Machine. You will be safe, dry and comfortable while we guide the bay floor looking for flounder. While floundering you will also see other various species of fish, including; red fish, trout, drum, sheepshead,stingrays,crabs, and much more!

I am a USCG licensed captain with over 15 years of flounder gigging experience. I will put forth every effort to ensure you have a fun and exciting experience while making memories on the water. Flounder gigging is done at night and involves stabbing/gigging the flounder while they are feeding along the shorelines. Sound too easy?? Well, it does take a trained eye as flounder have a camouflage pattern and will often bury themselves into the sand or mud making them a little more difficult to see. Not to worry, with a little guidance and patience you will get the hang of it. Whether you are a beginner just looking for a good time or an experienced angler, flounder gigging will be a unique experience that you will not soon forget.


Flounder Gigging Trip Info

Guided Floundering trips begin around sunset and will last between 4 to 6 hours depending on the nights conditions.You will need to bring a TPWD saltwater fishing license, proper clothing as the night air can be cool/damp, a cooler for your drinks/snacks and to take home your catch. (you are welcome to bring your favorite beverages but no glass please). Everything else will be provided for you and your fish will be cleaned at the end of your trip. You are allowed to keep 5 flounder per person, excluding the captain and you may also have the chance to gig other non game fish such as Black Drum and Sheepshead.

Latest Report

October was a busy month with constant changing conditions. We battled high tides, high winds and dirty water. Then the northers came through, lowered the tide, but the dirty water persisted. For the last few nights, the conditions were great. Low tides, clear water, and quick limits. We did well with limits coming in the boat on almost every night. The flounder had an average size of 18-21” and were very thick and heavy. December should give us our best opportunity to pick up some larger flounder 23-28” This is a fun time of year with super clear water and lower tides - exposing more sand bottom areas December-February are excellent months for picking up sheepshead and black drum as they move slower in the cold water. Open dates December 1-5,7-13,15-23 January/February - all open Call, text, or email to get on the books Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Gofloundering.com Jerry's LED'S


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Captain Shawn Harvey