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Enjoying all the bay has to offer here in Port O’Connor. Flounder gigging at night, wade fishing for trout and reds, and boat fishing for big reds and sharks are all producing very well right now. This past weekend we teamed up with Capt. Brandon Kendrick , Capt. Will Granberry, and Capt. Dustin Rabenaldt for a 3 night, 2 day corporate event. Big smiles and full boxes as we took care of this large group. It’s nice to work together with other guides and take on a big job with so many guest. Thank you guys for the great effort. I’m sure we will doing more of these in the future. Flounder gigging the past several nights since has remained excellent. Cooler temps and calm winds have been a blessing. The average size has started to increase to around 17-18” with a handful going 20-21” mixed in. Plenty of open dates left to fill this summer Call, text, or email Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com. Gofloundering.com


06/05/2019 Flounder gigging has been excellent over the past 6 nights. The winds calmed down, and our tides receded just enough to give us a chance to work some different areas. Water clarity has been good to fair. Some nights we had to move around as the water wasn’t the same each night. Clients have enjoyed full limits on each trip lately, as we start to transition to summer patterns. Hot water, and a dependable SE wind will be on the forecast for a while, outside of some tropical activity (such as now). Call, text, or email to get on the books Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Captainshswnharvey@gmail.com Available dates June 17-20,22-24,26 July 1-3,10,11,13-17,20-22,24-31 Rates 2 people = $450 3 people = $550 4 people = $650


More great nights of gigging in the high tides and high winds. Full limits every night lately with the exception of Sunday night. We came in with 26 out of a 30 flounder limit due to a mechanical malfunction on the air motor. The winds have calmed down some from the 30+ we had early to mid last week, but will remain around 20 mph going forward. This year has been a great year for flounder gigging and the calendar is filling in quick. If you are looking to get on the books for this summer, make your plans now as weekends are becoming slim and weekday openings are becoming less available as well. Upcoming availability June 11,17-20,22,23,26 July 1-3,8-10, 13-17,20-22,26-30 Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161


Mother Nature dished out the high winds and high tides lately, making us change things up a bit to stay on the flounder. Focusing on areas that were clear, holding bait and somewhat out of the wind enabled us to fill the box full of flounder each night out. With no sign of the winds giving up anytime soon, we will just continue to do what’s been working lately. More smiles and full boxes coming up. Available dates May 27-29 June 16-20,22-24,26,27 Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161


Flounder gigging continued to be great this past week with full limits each trip out. We were dealt some strong winds earlier in the week, but water clarity wasn’t affected and neither were the flounder. The past several months have been nice with many areas of the bay holding solid numbers of flounder. Water conditions have been staying favorable, even with the changing spring weather. As the waters warm up for summer, I expect the action to continue to be strong. Weather patterns will stabilize, and we will fall into the typical SE winds of summer. Temperatures will be cooler at night and windy afternoons give way to calmer nights. Now is the time to book your trip - once school lets out, the schedule will fill in quick Available dates May 8,13-15,23,27-30 June 11-20,22-27 July 8-11,13-18,20-22,24-27 Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com


Flounder gigging has been superb for our last 5 trips out. Clients have enjoyed full limits with some bonus fish mixed in here and there. Water clarity has been spot on lately even with the changing tide levels and the wind switching around on us. Some nights the action has been real fast, allowing us to be selective and take the larger ones. The average size lately has been around 17” with a few larger ones in the mix. Upcoming availability May 1,5,13-15,19-23,27-30 June 11-20,22-27 Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 *Fish and gig combos available Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com


Flounder gigging has been great lately in the POC area. Strong winds blowing from all different directions, tide levels going way up to way down and back up again, hasn’t deterred us as the flounder are plentiful and the water is gin clear. Clients have enjoyed full limits and lots of site seeing as we pass on the smaller flounder by the dozens each night. Hard sandy bottom has been the ticket with most nights being productive right next to the bank and on lower tides the sand bars 30-50 yards out have produced well also. Most of the flounder have been in the 15-17” range with a few here and there going larger. No weekend dates open until June! Now is the time to book as the calendar is filling in quick Upcoming availability April 29,30 May 2,13-15,19-22,28-31 Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com


A good week of gigging here in Port O’Connor. Clients enjoyed steady action and full limits on each trip with a few bonus fish here and there. The shorelines are loaded with juvenile flounder right now. Each night we are passing over 50-100 flounder picking out the bigger ones to keep. Thick sea fog rolled in for a few nights, making for slower boat rides to and from the fishing grounds. Hopefully, we won’t have to put up with that much longer. As the weather continues to warm up, I expect the gigging action to continue to hold strong going into summer. Captain Shawn Harvey Call, text, or email to book your next trip. 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 5 people $750 6 people $850 Gofloundering.com


A good week of gigging here in Port O’Connor. Clients enjoyed steady action and full limits on each trip with a few bonus fish here and there. The shorelines are loaded with juvenile flounder right now. Each night we are passing over 50-100 flounder picking out the bigger ones to keep. Thick sea fog rolled in for a few nights, making for slower boat rides to and from the fishing grounds. Hopefully, we won’t have to put up with that much longer. As the weather continues to warm up, I expect the gigging action to continue to hold strong going into summer. Captain Shawn Harvey Call, text, or email to book your next trip. 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 5 people $750 6 people $850 Gofloundering.com


A good week of gigging here in Port O’Connor. Clients enjoyed steady action and full limits on each trip with a few bonus fish here and there. The shorelines are loaded with juvenile flounder right now. Each night we are passing over 50-100 flounder picking out the bigger ones to keep. Thick sea fog rolled in for a few nights, making for slower boat rides to and from the fishing grounds. Hopefully, we won’t have to put up with that much longer. As the weather continues to warm up, I expect the gigging action to continue to hold strong going into summer. Captain Shawn Harvey Call, text, or email to book your next trip. 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 5 people $750 6 people $850 Gofloundering.com


Flounder gigging in Port O’Connor has been good lately despite the stronger winds and lower tides. Clients have enjoyed full limits with a few bonus black drum and sheepshead here and there. We had a rare backwards flounder make its way in the box a few nights back I have the next 3 nights (March 26,27,28) open and conditions look great Call now to get a trip and take advantage of the good conditions this week. Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161


Another great night of flounder gigging in the books! Call or text now to book your trip. The weather is perfect Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161


Gigging has been great here in POC lately. Some nights have been a little breezy, but the water has remained clear and the flounder are plentiful. Hard sand has been the ticket with soft mud bottom coming in as a close second. Average size lately is 15-17” with a few larger ones mixed in. Plenty of available dates in April and I still have open dates in March March 19-22,24-28 Call/text now to book your next trip Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 Fish and gig combos available


Spring break has begun!! I still have some openings this week, so bring your kids and let’s go!


Flounder gigging has been good lately in the POC area. Lots of clear water and dense fog at night. I’m seeing a huge amount of juvenile flounder each night - gonna make for some good gigging in the months to come. Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Fish and gig combos available


My last several trips out (when the weather cooperated) have been good. Last night was the best, 4 man limit with a handful of flounder in the 17-18” range. Not many photos, as we were all wet from the heavy fog. Hopefully the weather will start to cooperate more as we get closer to spring. I have plenty of openings to fill - get in now before the time change = earlier start. Call, text, or email to get in the books. 361.781.2161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Gofloundering.com Jerry's LED'S


Great night of gigging last night with calm winds and clear water. I had long time return customers down for their annual December trip and little Brooklyn was finally big enough to get in on the action this year. We ended the night around 8pm with 10 nice sized flounder in the 18-23” range. Thankful to have these guys come every year and look forward to having them again next year. The excitement in the little ones faces is what it’s all about. I still have some nights open in December. Tonight looks perfect and is open if you can make it. Stronger winds and rain predicted later in the week may slow us down some. Call, text, or email. Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


The second half of October had many ups and downs. From extreme high tides, strong winds, more rain, back to low tides, and some nights with no wind at all. Overall the bay was a murky mess from the inland runoff with only a few areas holding good water. Some nights we did well, with some nice size flounder coming in the boat for the clients that were willing to battle the elements with me. Most nights we were only able to get around 10 flounder after exhausting many areas of the bay. October is usually regarded as our best month for gigging with good weather and larger flounder. This October wasn’t anything usual. I was booked 30 nights and only ran 16 of them.... hopefully December is better. Captain Shawn Harvey Gofloundering.com 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


Well, we tried... Tide was a bit too much and the rough weather that was approaching only gave us a short window for gigging. We struggled to find clear water and only found one keeper flounder. We bounced around and tried a few spots only finding some small ones here and there before calling it quits as the lightning was getting closer. Hopefully this front will push some water back out into the gulf and give us some better conditions for gigging. With a full schedule ahead, I will post the remaining October reports on November 1 Until then...


Rough conditions lately have put our patience to the test. If all the heavy rains we recently had weren’t enough, these past few days were cursed with strong east and east southeast winds causing our tide level to increase daily. The water is almost flush with the dock at Froggies when I left from Sunday nights trip. October is the month we look forward to all year for quicker limits of larger flounder. But, the past few nights have been a real grind to find decent numbers of flounder. One night the action is steady and the next night is horribly slow. With enough persistence, patience, and luck, clients that stick it out into the early morning hours are reaping the rewards with some quality flounder. Cooler weather and north winds are on their way. I hope it triggers an upturn in the gigging action so that we can have the October we’ve been waiting on since summer. My calendar for October is booked full, but I have other boats with some openings No gigging allowed in November. December will be here soon and it’s the best time get some trophy size (25”+) flounder. Call, text, or email to get on the books Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Gofloundering.com Rates $450 for 2 people Additional people $100 each up to 6 max


Perfect night of gigging for this party of three. (One person not in photos) With all the murky water in the bay, we set out to do the best we could and it turned out great. The winds were fairly calm and a little cooler vs. summer nights. This was their first time gigging and they stayed in town a few extra days just to go with me. I’m glad it all worked out and was worth the wait for their first time experience. All of the flounder tonight were holding on hard sand near grassy shorelines. The average size tonight was around 18” with 22” being the largest. I’m all booked for October, and gigging is not allowed in November. If you want to experience a different way to fish, give me a call, text, or email to get in the books for December. Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


It’s been a while since my last report. Overall the gigging has been good, but more of a grind than we are used to this time of year. October is usually a fun time of year with quick limits and an increased size in flounder ahead of the flounder run that takes place when the cold weather gets here. The recent rains and high tides haven’t helped any. Most of the gigging grounds are flooded with murky freshwater or they are too deep to look at. Most nights we are working into the early hours of the morning to fill the box. Some nights we only get 8-10 flounder and others we get the limit. I have contacted all my clients for the upcoming nights to let them know that’s it’s been tough. However, they still want to go. As guides we get wrapped up in full limits and great fishing, but for some clients, a great experience is all they are after. I’m honored to be a fishing guide and I’m happy to take people out and share the experience with them. I look forward to cooler months and I’ll be out there doing my best to find the elusive flounder Upcoming openings October - booked full. November - closed to gigging December - 1-4,7,8,12-21 Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 Captain Shawn Harvey Gofoundering.com 3617812161


The last 2 nights of gigging were complete opposites of themselves. Thursday night, after making 2 moves, we got into the action and picked up 14 flounder fairly quick. We looked for another 30 minutes to get the last one for the 15 flounder limit. Friday night started off slow and remained that way through the whole night. We made several moves only to find empty water. When we did find a few, it was just that, a few and then nothing. My clients were determined and stuck it out with me until 2:30am to find the last few flounder for their 3 man limit. Conditions will likely be the same until the summer heat breaks and we get some cooler weather. At that time, I expect the gigging to become better with more predictable and quicker nights. Captain Shawn Harvey Gofloundering.com


Back at it tonight after a few nights off. Flounder remained in their scattered pattern, but we did get close with 18 flounder before my steering cable busted on my air motor. Hopefully I can it patched up or replaced by Thursday night....


Putting the gigs to work lately in tough conditions. Having a vast knowledge of the bay system with years of experience and patience have helped me to keep the flounder coming in the boat. The past 7 nights certainly kept things interesting as our tides came up some and we experience some calmer winds from the east and southeast. With the increase in water, some of the dead grass that was choking areas off began to float away (of course it began to build up in other areas now..) keeping up with this movement and where newly open areas vs unfishable areas would be, was a challenge in itself Most nights I found myself looking in several areas ( 7-10 ) and on a few lucky nights, we only needed one or two stops to get the limit. Hard sand bottom was the dominant producer with shell working as well. I didn’t get full limits every night, but we got close and I thank my clients for sticking in there and allowing me the time to keep looking and give them as much as I could. Cooler weather will soon be here and the action at night will begin to heat up. *remember - no gigging in November - so, make your plans now to get in the books before it is too late Open dates August 16,18,20-22,30,31 September 1-6,9-21,23-27, October 2,8-10,14-17,24,25,29-31 Rates 2 people $450 Additional people $100 each, up to 6 max Captain Shawn Harvey Gofloundering.com 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


Good week/weekend of gigging in the Port O’Connor area despite the super low tides and very widely scattered flounder. We had light winds giving us a smooth boat ride each night as we did quite a bit of traveling to get the limits each night. Nothing came easy, as it took till 2-3am for each trip to fill the ice chest. Hard sand was the predominant producer, with mud bottom working at times. Most nights started off slow and sometimes we still had very few fish after several hours and many spots later. By informing my clients days before their trips about the slow fishing, everyone expectations were set realistically and we agreed to give it a 110% effort. So each night we set in for the long grind and it payed off well for them. The average size lately has been around 17” with a few in the 20-23” range showing up each night Thanks guys for sticking it out with me. A nice cool down or some rain will help to speed up the fishing and get us out of grind mode. Until then, I’ll be grinding it out. Open dates August 2,13-22,28-31 September 1,2,4-6,9-21,23-27 Rates 2 person $450 Additional people $100 each - 6 max Captain Shawn 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Gofloundering.com


The past 4 nights were certainly a test of patience and persistence. Nothing came easy when it came to getting on the flounder. Low tides keeping us far from the shorelines, dead grass that has stacked up and started rotting in many areas choking off shorelines and outer sandbars, hot water on the flats, and murky water coming out of the drains have really put a damper on things. I’m thankful for the clients that were willing to stick it out until 1-3am allowing me the chance to fill the cooler with near limits and some bonus black drum and sheepshead. I am finding large schools of juvenile flounder - sometimes seeing 50-60 in a night Until we get a break in the heat or a big weather change, conditions will likely continue as a grind for flounder. Captain Shawn Harvey


The past 4 nights were certainly a test of patience and persistence. Nothing came easy when it came to getting on the flounder. Low tides keeping us far from the shorelines, dead grass that has stacked up and started rotting in many areas choking off shorelines and outer sandbars, hot water on the flats, and murky water coming out of the drains have really put a damper on things. I’m thankful for the clients that were willing to stick it out until 1-3am allowing me the chance to fill the cooler with near limits and some bonus black drum and sheepshead. I am finding large schools of juvenile flounder - sometimes seeing 50-60 in a night Until we get a break in the heat or a big weather change, conditions will likely continue as a grind for flounder. Captain Shawn Harvey


Well.... it was back to grinding this past week as the flounder decided to not cooperate as well as the week before. Brackish water was abundant throughout parts of the bay along with large clumps of rotting grass and the south wind just isn’t mixing it up very well. Our gigging grounds perform better with a southeast wind and a little more tide movement. Gigging trips are still producing, it’s just taking a little longer than usual. The pattern on the flounder right now seems to be unknown. Get them in one spot tonight and they are gone the next.... later in the night has been producing better than right at sunset. Several other guides along the coast are experiencing the same. With fishing, nothing stays the same. Being creative and thinking outside the box on areas to look has helped to keep us on the fish. With a busy schedule ahead, I’ll be out there grinding the night away and looking for the next big hotspot. Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com


We were blessed with calmer winds and a little higher tide this past week giving us some excellent gigging action. Monday night I had a group of 4 . We gigged 16 flounder slow working our first spot We had to share the area with an alligator, but he never came too close. We made a move and gigged the remaining 4 and counted several more before heading in. Tuesday night I teamed up with captains Dustin Rabenaldt and Dustin O'Connell for a group of 17 we had full and near limits on all 3 boats before some of the young ones wanted the to go in. Thursday night I teamed up with captain Dustin Rabenaldt again for an eight man trip. I was able to assist the young one with his first bow fishing experience. We came in one short of 40 with several bonus drum/sheepshead. Friday night I had a group of 4 that were excellent giggers. We got the limit of flounder with several drum/sheepshead to go with it We had to stop when the cooler was too full for anymore fish. Saturday night was a head scratcher..... with absolutely no wind, I thought we were in for a perfect night. But as fishing can sometime go, things turned out to be tough. Runoff from recent rains and switching winds had many of the fishing grounds unfishable. We made several moves and found some nice areas to work, but the flounder would not cooperate. We ended with 9 flounder and some bonus fish before calling it. I visited with several other guides along the coast that experienced the same. Sunday night was the perfect turnaround from the night before. We still had some dirty water in some areas, but once we found clear water over hard sand bottom, we made quick work of the 4 man limit. Available dates July 16,17,30,31 August 1–3,14-21,24-31 Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Gofloundering.com Rates 2 person = $450 Additional persons $100 each. 6 people max


Tough conditions for gigging lately have put a damper on results. Earlier in the week we were still grinding out limits, but later in the week the strong winds and lack of water in the bay, proved to be too much for good results. Most of my gigging grounds are high and dry at the moment as tides are running about a foot to 18” lower than usual. With the higher tides of recent years and rain water lowering the salinity of the bay, we experienced and explosion of grass along the sidelines swallowing up many of the sand pockets far from the bank. Winds recently have been very strong at night from the south rather than the southeast that we are accustomed to. (Southeast and east winds help push water into our bays) There have been times when the wind is overpowering the limits of my fan motor and pushing us backwards away from the bank. I never want to give in or be defeated, but at the moment, conditions are very bad for gigging..... lighter winds, rain, and east winds are in the forecast around midweek coming up. Hopefully Mother Nature lightens up and gives us a break in the upcoming nights. Captain Shawn Harvey


Successful weekend with tough conditions. Strong south winds, freshwater runoff, and a rapid outgoing tide on top of an already low tide, put a dent in the available spots to look for flounder. By focusing on clear water areas with sandy bottom far from the bank we were able to fill the limits the last 2 nights. We also picked up 6 sheepshead Friday night before heading back to the dock. With 4th of July coming up, my schedule is all full with openings during the week starting July 9th. Available dates July - 9,10,12,16-18,23,24,26,27 Call text or email to get in the books Shawn 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


More fun nights of gigging over this past weekend. Full limits with a few sheepshead mixed in. Saturday night we picked up some stingrays for shark bait for their next day of fishing. Tide levels were on the rise pushing the flounder up onto some predictable shorelines giving us some easier nights. With the heat and high pressure moving out and rain cooling down the bay, I expect the gigging action to be red out after this system moves through. Weekend dates are all booked through July with several weekday openings still left to fill Call, text, or email to book your trip Captain Shawn Harvey 361.781.2161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


Mother Nature doing her best to make things difficult with low water levels, a strong outgoing tide, and gusty winds each night lately. But, with a little persistence, the right equipment and knowing the right “spots” to look, we have been successful each night recently. Last night I partnered with Capt. Pat Lester with a 8 man bachelor party trip. He tackled the low tides by putting his clients on some shallow sand bars with walking lights and gigs allowing them to walk right up to the flounder that were out of reach for a boat while I focused on open sand pockets far from the shore. We both had our limits by midnight. (Last photos) The blazing heat and sunburn has no effect on us at night. With a cool breeze and clear skies, summer nights are the perfect time to get out and make some memories gigging flounder. Weekend dates are completely booked through July with plenty of weekday nights still available Call, text, or email to set up a trip Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Gofloundering.com


A little bit slower action lately on the gigging scene as the flounder have been very scattered and unpredictable. Each night is a new night with no consistency in the pattern for where the flounder will be. But we are still getting results and filling the limits - it just requires a little more time some nights to dial in on the flounder. Trips have been finishing up between 12-2am to get 4-5 man limits Winds have been nice lately and the water clarity has been good. The quality of the flounder has been great with an average size of 17-18” and a handful going into the lower 20s on most trips. Covering lots of ground and having a game plan of several options has helped lately. Some nights I find myself looking for flounder in “outside of the box areas”. Sandy bottom has been the most productive, with shell and soft bottom doing well also. As with all fishing conditions, you have ups and downs and nothing stays the same for very long. It’s not always going to be easy or tough.... with summer weather beginning it’s best down on us, the flounder should soon fall into their predictable patterns making for some quicker nights. Call text or email to set up your trip. Captain Shawn Harvey Gofloundering.com 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Rates 2 people $450 3 people $550 4 people $650 5 people $750 6 people $850


Clients have enjoyed full limits of flounder on each trip over the last 6 nights out. Switching winds and tide levels going up and down have played a big part in deciding where to go lately. Some nights we get on the flounder quick and other nights we are finding small clusters of 2-5 at a time. Each night has been different, with hard sand being the most productive, but hard shell and soft mud bottom have worked as well when the sand was empty. The weather looks good for the upcoming week and I have openings this Sunday-Thursday April 6-10. Call, text, or email to get in the books Thanks, Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com Rates 2 people = $450 3 people = $550 4 people = $650 5 people = $750 6 people = $850


Late report. Last weekend was another great one with crazy winds/weather Friday night the winds blew hard out of the south (25-35mph) making for a slow ride across the bay. Once we made it over, we were greeted with clear water and plenty of fish holding tight to the bank on sandy bottom. We got the 3 man limit (one person not pictured) and the fish were cleaned with everyone headed home before the winds made the instant turn to north at 30-40mph with some gust in the 50s. Saturday looked dismal with the north winds howling all day, but fortunately the winds dropped to light and variable right at sunset. The water clarity was way off as the dropping tide and winds from the day had churned the bay up. We made several moves and around 10:30pm the water started to clear up and the fishing was on. We picked up 26 flounder by midnight and the crew decided to head in early as they had a long drive home the next day. This upcoming weekend looks about the same but with 80% rain and thunderstorms added in. Hopefully Mother Nature will give a window to get out and gig some flounder The weather lately seems to be a little rough on weekends and perfect during the week - I have several openings for weeknights for the next few weeks. Call, text, or email to book your trip Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


Tonight was the perfect change of pace after a weekend of brutal winds. Calm south winds and clear water made for some easy spotting and gigging. We picked up 12/13 at the first spot with most of the flounder holding tight to the bank The action slowed down and after two moves with no luck, we found the rest of them out on some sand bars in 3 feet of water. The clients did well and never missed a flounder tonight the flounder are healthy right now with thick fillets The average size tonight was 16-17” with the largest one going 22” Thank you Paul and hope to see you again Now is the time to book your next trip before the summer madness kicks in I have plenty of weekday openings with a few weekend dates open in May Captain Shawn Harvey 3617812161 Gofloundering.com


We did it again with Dustin Rabenaldt and Dustin O'Connell in some ugly weather. This was round 2 of a two night event with 3 boats each night. Thanks to Will and the crew at Champion for toughing it out with us the last two nights. The gigging was hot even with this arctic cool front beating down in us. We were limited on grounds to fish, but we made it work with super results Not all clients are in the photo as it was a cold wet night. The calendar is rapidly filling in and the gigging will continue to be good from now through the fall months If you have a large group, let us put you on a fantastic night of gigging Captain Shawn Harvey Gofloundering.com


Successful night of gigging in tough conditions for this 3 boat trip. I teamed up with Dustin Rabenaldt and Dustin O'Connell for two nights of gigging with 26 people. Full limits for each boat tonight with Dustin Rabenaldt’s group picking up a rare backwards flounder. We’ll be back tomorrow night for round two if the north winds are not too brutal


Another successful night of gigging in Port O’Connor last night. Things started off quick, as we found flounder on a variety of shorelines including mud, scattered shell, and small sand patches. Momma and kids (not in photo) got a little cold with the winds and fog, so we headed in early with 19 flounder and 1 black drum. The quality was nice with several flounder in the 17-20” range. Spring break is quickly approaching and dates are filling in quick. Call, text or email to get on the books and make some memories Capt. Shawn Harvey 361.781.2161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


It sure has been a cold winter so far..... Hopefully the worst is over and the bays around Port O’Connor can warm up soon. The water around here is shallow and most of the flounder migrate to the gulf for the winter. Once the water warms up, the flounder will be back, and they will be hungry. We typically get started gigging again around mid to late February through December. Spring break is right around the corner and the warmer weather will have customers starting to book trips and fill up the schedule. Don’t wait till the last minute to get your next trip on the calendar.


October continues to be a great month despite the ever changing weather and extreme high tides. Big flounder making appearances each night as we fill the box with solid flounder. The last several trips have yielded full limits and I partnered with Captain Dustin Rabenaldt a few nights ago for an 8 man trip with great success. The end of October is quickly approaching and we will be forced to sit out during the November shutdown. December dates are still available and I'm offering $100 off for trips during December 1-14th when we are only allowed 2 flounder each. This will be the time to target trophy flounder in the 25"+ size range. Limits return to 5 each on December 15th Call text or email to setup your gigging adventure Captain Shawn Harvey Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com 3617812161


It's been a while since my last post. After hurricane Harvey, we had a lot of runoff water dirty up the bay and made conditions very difficult to find clear water. After a couple weeks the water receded and the bay started to clear up. Lately we have been plagued with strong winds that switch direction every couple of days and recently the tides have been super high - several inches over the ramp at Froggies. Even with all that - the flounder gigging trips have been impressive lately. Several larger flounder showing up each night 22-26" with increasing numbers as of last night. Not every trip is a fast one, but the rewards for a little grinding are well worth it. With a busy schedule and an approaching cool front coming next week, October looks to still be a great month for us. There is no gigging allowed during November We will return gigging in December *Dec 1-14th - we are only allowed 2 flounder each, limits return to 5 each on the 15th. This is the time to target trophy size flounder 25-30" Till next time.... Captain Shawn Harvey Gofloundering.com 3617812161 Captainshawnharvey@gmail.com


Another successful weekend of gigging in POC. We found the flounder have started to show up in areas that haven't produced well in the past year or two. Many of these areas have changed a bit according to my memory, but once I dialed them in, we made quick work to fill the limits. Keeping log books and referencing the previous years when tides were at a level closer to what we have now have definitely been handy. 2015 & 2016 gave us some high tides that stayed all season long and with the much needed rain, the sea grasses really took over the flats and choked out the sandy pockets that were a go to for most of the season. Now that the tides have returned to a normal low during late summer, the grass is getting burned up and drifting off giving way to the sand below. This helps in some areas and causes problems as it gets packed into other areas. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is just a phase as we start to transition into the fall season. We still have a few weeks to go before any noticeable changes occur - unless the weather cooks something up for us. (Hopefully not). It won't be long and we will be planning around the cool fronts and gigging big flounder in super clear water.


Flounder gigging in POC over the last couple of nights has become a little difficult. With increasing winds at night, runoff from recent heavy rains, and a strong outgoing tide, each night became harder to locate good water holding fish. Instead of finding several flounder holding in an area or a pattern to follow, most areas were only giving up 1-2 flounder at a time. It has been solid limits for a long while up until last night.... I partnered up with Captain Dustin O'Connell for a 10 man trip. We covered lots of ground and worked many different types of shorelines and ended up with a 7 man limit and a pair of bonus sheepshead. Not too bad giving the conditions we were working with. As with anything fishing related, this was just a cycle, similar to extreme tide, wind, or moon phases - the flounder were just scattered out so thinly that we simply ran out of time to get the full limits. Conditions will realign and we will get back to full limits quickly, weather it be new areas or just different patterns. I pride myself on giving clients the best experience I can provide and nights like last night can get under my skin and make me feel like I didn't deliver on my end. However, too many times we get caught up in grading ourselves on how many fish we can harvest or how fast we can do it. ( both are great ) but the bottom line is to have a great time, share an experience and make memories. Last night's clients are already looking at dates for their next trip - a true sign that they enjoyed themselves and the trip was a success. Dates are filling in quick as we approach the fall season. With less than 90 days left before the November close out. *note- gigging is not allowed in November - we must stop on October 31 at midnight and will resume gigging Dec 1st Dec 1-14 we are only allowed 2 flounder each, this is the time for trophy flounder as many will be in the 25-30" range. Cooler temps will give up super clear water and quick big flounder action. Dec 15 we resume the 5 flounder each limit through October 31.


Mother Nature sure changed things around for us lately. We went from high tides to real low, but what we lacked in water was made up with strong south to ssw winds after sunset. But even so, the show must go on and we have to adapt. The higher than normal tide of the past 2 years has finally let go, returning the water levels back to where they should be. Relying on experience and dusting off the memory of years past has paid its dividends lately with full little limits on each trip. We were forced to look at areas away from the banks and get out in some open water flats to hunt down the flounder. As the winds progressively increased with each passing night, so did the gigging action, with quicker limits and better quality flounder showing up. Getting away from the banks put us right on some bonus black drum and sheepshead for those customers that were interested. We also saw dozens of redfish each night working the flats. I fully expect the flounder gigging to continue its upward trend in action. As we approach the fall season, the window for open dates is rapidly closing. Don't wait too long to book your next gigging adventure in Port O'Connor - hunting season and holidays will be on us soon.


Gigging still going strong here in Port O'Connor. Calmer winds lately have helped with the lower tides, allowing us to gig in areas far from the bank. Feels good to gig on the grounds that we worked a few years ago before the tides came up and stayed for what seemed like 2 years..... Many areas have lost their sandy bottoms due to the grass taking over, but the flounder don't seem to mind. The hot spots are still working as we jump from spot to spot picking up 3-4 or 10-12 flounder on each stop We had to delay last night's departure as a storm blew in right at dark. After it passed we had slick water and quick action as the water was cooled off and the flounder were stacked in the one spot we looked at. Gigging should remain strong as we head into the dog days of summer. August is almost full and September will be quick to fill in as well.


With the summer heat bearing down on us in full force, now is the perfect time to book a night of flounder gigging fun. Trips start at sunset when the day is cooling off - avoid the sunburn and heat exhaustion while touring the bay at its quietest time. The night air is cool, the stars are bright, and wildlife is very active after the sun goes down. The last 4 nights have been good despite the high winds and tide levels dropping everyday - making some areas inaccessible that were holding good numbers a few days ago. The flounder continued to follow their recent pattern of grouping up in clusters of 3-5 at a time with sand being the dominant producer. I had some large parties recently that required the use of some other local guides to accommodate entire party. Everyone did well and all of the clients left with great memories, smiles, and plenty of fish for family cook outs. Many of these customers have been returning for several years and we look forward to their next visits. If you are looking for new experience or want to beat the heat, look into a flounder gigging trip and join us in a traditional and highly productive way to harvest flounder with top quality gear and equipment.


Summer officially started this week and the gigging is red hot. Recent weather has made for some interesting nights on the water lately. It seems that every evening brings in a different weather scenario with winds blowing hard and from every different direction or no wind at all. The tides have been way high due to TS Cindy pushing us up into previous dry salt flats and very marshy areas of the bay. But with all that, the flounder have remained very consistent yielding full boxes each night. Flounder gigging is a great way to make some memories with friends and family. No experience or fishing knowledge is needed when booking a gigging trip with Gofloundering.com. Everything is provided for you and with years of experience and countless hours spent on the bay, you are guaranteed to have a great time on your trip. There are a few nights still open for July and we are now booking August and September Call, text, or email to set up your next trip!


Strong winds lately couldn't stop us from filling box with limits of flounder. The falling tide night after night added to the challenge as well. Each night I found more and more areas that were too shallow vs the night before. Focusing on the small drains in protected areas of the far reaches of the bay held consistent for us. Some spots had 5-6 flounder at a time while other areas only gave up 1 at a time. The quality of the flounder have been nice as well, with an average size of 17-18" with a handful going 20" lately. We are in prime gigging season now with better conditions coming. Now that school is out, the dates are flying off the calendar. I still have some openings for July so get your date set before I'm all full


Flounder gigging has been impressive lately. The flounder are present in a variety of shorelines throughout the bays. Recent trips are yielding and average size of 16-17" with a few larger ones mixed in. As the water continues to warm up, so will the gigging action. The better months for gigging in this area are late February through December (with the exception of November) Now is the time to book your trip as the calendar will fill quickly once the fishing buzz gets ahold of everyone.


It has been a great summer! Full to near full limits on each trip. With the fall season closing in, things are about to heat up big time. I'm predicting a very nice fall run as the flounder population is doing very well this year. I have no weekend dates left for September and October. As conditions get better I will start to offer 2nd half of the night trips. No flounder gigging in November -black drum and sheepshead only. December is wide open at the moment This is the time of year to focus on trophy size flounder


Spring is in full swing here in the Port O'Connor area. The bay's are warming up and coming to life with bait, crabs, and plenty of flounder. Our most recent trips have produced nice fish with an average size of 16-18" This year is off to a great start and I personally feel that we will see not only more flounder this year, but better quality as well.


Now that the November off season is over, we are back at it. This time of year is when the bigger females are running to the gulf. From December 1-14 we are only allowed 2 flounder each, but this is a great time to target other species. Black Drum and Sheepshead are easier targets in the cooler water. On December 15 the flounder limit returns to 5 each until November 1, 2016. Duck hunting trips available starting December 12th. Be sure to ask about a blast and gig combo. Call or text to book your next trip.


Flounder season is in full swing here in Port O'Connor. With much-needed rain and plenty of bait The flounder are feeding aggressively on the flats right now. Things are looking up for a good season this year. Good numbers of fish are coming steady each night and it will only get better heading towards fall.


We are currently in the off season for flounder gigging. The majority of flounder have moved to the gulf and deeper waters for the winter and will start to return late February-April. Spring break has been a good starting point for spring flounder gigging. Right now we have super clear water and gigging black drum and sheepshead are the main target with the occasional flounder or two showing up as a bonus. Now is also a good time for bow fishing, if you have the gear and want to try something different, give us a call.


Flounder gigging is in good shape right now and should continue through October. I'm limited to just running in the weekends now, but I have several contacts that can accommodate a weekday trip if needed. Please check the calendar for open dates for gigging with me. If the day you need is booked, call anyways and I'll see if I can't get you hooked up with another guide.


The summer heat is almost upon us and the gigging is in full swing. The flats are full of life, from the small bait fish on up to the dolphins feeding at night. We are seeing plenty of drum and sheepshead as well giving us the opportunities to to fill the box with a mixed bag of species. The summer and fall seasons are busy and bookings will likely fill fast. Book your next gigging adventure with us for a fun filled night for all to remember.


Warmer weather is finally here! The water is warming up and the shallow water is coming alive again with fish. Flounder, redfish, trout, black drum and others are becoming more plentiful along the flats and shorelines that we run. During the Spring warmup the flounder begin to return from the gulf, known as the Spring run. During the Spring run we can expect to see some flounder over 20" showing up more consistently each night. For the next couple of months we can expect a lot of weather changes and a lot of wind. The challenge will be timing our trips when the conditions are right for some excellent gigging.


Gigging trips still available for black drum and sheepshead with some bonus flounder mixed in. The water is never clearer than it is when it's cold. Ducks Plenty of Redheads, Pintails, Scaup, and others are being taken on each hunt. Call for more info.


Still waiting for a good cool front to get the fall run started. As the weather cools down the bigger flounder will begin their migration to the gulf. High tides and rain have hindered are results lately and hopefully as conditions stabilize the flounder will follow. There's no gigging allowed in November, so we will switch gears and target ducks out on the bay. We will resume gigging in December 1st and duck hunt through January


Better conditions yield better results Conditions improved for flounder gigging in POC late last week and into the weekend. Water levels came up just a bit, the water was clear, and winds were workable throughout the night. We found that the drains from the marsh areas proved to hold more fish with the outgoing tide and the sand bars/pockets gave up some fish when the tide turned to incoming later in the night. Still picking up a nice size average around 18" and thick. And we continue to see large numbers of juvenile flounder from 2"-3" up to the 12"-13" range. One flounder was almost double camouflage. I have seen photos of flounder with complete camo on both sides, but this is as close as I have ever seen in person.


Hard nights in POC This past weekend put up a real challenge for flounder gigging with the strong south to southwest winds, low tides (real low) and murky water. We were able to find some workable water and some flounder that cooperated with our efforts. It wasn't a high numbers game, but it doesn't always have to be about getting a limit. "That is just the bonus to a good time" quoted from one of my clients. The bay looked like a different place with all of the shallow flats and reefs now exposed out of the water. Many areas that have navigable routes through shallow areas looked like a mud flat with a creek cutting through it. Cross reef looked to be the size of a small parking lot. Conditions look to be better towards the end of the week. Calmer winds and hopefully a little more water will be in store for the next adventures


Floating on a breeze The SSE winds lately have been brutal at night and the switching to S and SW has put most of the bay in a sandy fog along many shorelines in POC. Little pockets of clear water and exposed sand bars from recent low tides seem to be the ticket for gigging lately Strong outgoing tides at night offer many spots to work in with a flowing current. we are picking up nice fish with the average size flounder hanging around 18" currently and the bonus fish (black drum and sheepshead) offer up a good challenge as well. Last night we made quick work of what was available and got in early as my clients had fished all day and plan to get after it again in the morning. We're not too far away from the calm winds and the summer heat. Then we will start getting ready for the fall.


It's been a while since my last report, so I thought I should at least give an update on the night scene in POC. Gigging this year has had it's ups and downs with the weather. Most importantly the wind, probably the most important factor for a successful night. Next is the water clarity, and because of the strong and switching winds, has been fun to pattern as well. Many of the areas that always hold clear water are consistently sandy and off color, forcing us to travel to other grounds. Some nights we are working areas with deep water near by that has clear water moving and other nights we are heading to the marsh areas chasing workable water. Flounder lately seem to be concentrated in small groups of 5 or so with 1 or 2 scattered in between. The average size lately is around 17-18" with the occasional one going in the low to mid 20's I've had the pleasure of of entertaining many returning customers lowering my need for constant advertising. Due to recent demand, I will start posting more reports. (I'm surprised and happy to run into so many folks that ask about the reports,etc... Didn't realize that many followed my reports.)


Crazy winds lately have made for some less than ideal nights in the water here in POC. Areas that are protected now look similar to the surf a few days ago. But with any type of fishing, if you waited for everything to be perfect, you would limit yourself to just a handful of trips per month. And when it is an eleven year old's birthday, you just have to go and try. We found fish at each stop, just not many that wee grouped together. It's nice to have five or more at each stop, but sometimes one or two is all you have to work with. So, you just keep moving and trying different shorelines and structure looking for the secret formula. We ended up with 13 and a couple sheepshead to finish the night. As the weather continues to warm and summer approaches, I expect to see more and more flounder moving up into the traditional shorelines for gigging


After last weeks norther finally let up we got back after it this past weekend. Conditions were not perfect but we made the best of it coming close to full limits each night. Water clarity is still in great shape and we found fish in almost every area of the bay. Plenty of juvenile flounder scattered everywhere and empty beds of larger fish that had moved on was present as well. As the water temp increases the fish will hold longer in the shallows at night giving us more of a selection to choose from. Looks like another round of north winds and chances of rain for the upcoming week. As soon as it clears out we will be ready to go again.


Gigging in POC has been good lately. Higher tides and clear water is giving us access to areas usually too shallow to float. As the water temp is increasing, so is the quantity and size of the flounder we are seeing. Last night we had a couple if them up to 22" and saw the signs of many larger ones that had already left the area. We still have the cool fronts and strong winds to deal with, but on the nights the weather lets up, the gigging action is in full swing.


Crazy winds have stumped my scouting efforts to see if we are set to go for the Spring season. As soon as I get some decent weather and get on some good fish, I will give everyone an update that we are ready. I'm Looking forward to this year's Spring run.


Big flounder continue to fall victim during the last couple of nights. It hasn't been quick limits lately, but the quality has made up for it. The flounder are larger and much thicker this time of year. There have been a lot of giggers out lately and the results have varied from very good to not so good. Seems you need to be on them right away or wait for the tide to help push larger ones in to the shallows. Still anticipating some cooler weather to really heat up the run.


October was a great month for gigging. There is no gigging allowed during November. We will resume charters in December and you can expect to see some big flounder then. We didn't get enough cold weather to really start the flounder fall run during October, so December should be excellent for getting the bigger ones.


Last night was tough despite the near perfect conditions. Light north winds and miles of clear water in certain parts of the bay. We saw many flounder beds (100s) but not many fish hanging around the shorelines. We moved to several different parts of the bay. Some areas were still murky and areas that were clear only gave us more empty flounder beds. It appears as if there was a mass feeding sometime before sunset on Sunday We did manage to pick up 10 flounder with one going just under 24" and weighing 6lbs 15oz We called it quits around 1am. There were plenty of areas that I would like to have tried, but we still have murky water lingering throughout parts of the bay. Hope to have better luck tonight.


We took advantage of the calm north winds Saturday evening to see if the flounder would be out. It was a good gamble after moving around a few times in the bay to find clear water. We didn't have any record breakers, but the average size was much better than last week. We filled the 3 man limit with several over 20" Looks like good weather for the next couple of days and hopefully a strong finish for Oct.


Flounder continued to stack up in one of my pre-run spots. Another night of easy limits as we gigged the same spot as the previous couple of nights. It is truly awesome to see them coming out in large numbers before the big weather change. If only we could read Mother Nature to the same degree as the fish can. Tides are running high and the winds were calm from the SE. That's all about to change as the norther is quickly approaching and hindering my efforts for Friday night. Water levels will drop, sandbars will be exposed and all of the current flounder grounds will be flipped upside down. Time for a break. Next week should be good after the front, maybe some of the doormats will present themselves before we are closed out for the month of November


Another great night of fast action gigging here in POC We started at sunset and had the 4 man limit by 9:30pm Not ready to go in so early, so we motored around and picked up some sheeps to make a full trip out of it.


Last night the winds slacked off to around the 10mph range and the flounder came out to feed right at sunset. We started picking up fish right away and had the 4 man limit around 8:30pm We then decided to pick up some sheepshead that were hanging out in the area before heading in. We were working an area that had plenty of water movement and finger sized mullet present. They were scattered on sand pockets, grass and scattered shell bottom. The flounder run is not in full effect right now, but some nights several of them can be found grouped together and feeding in the same spot.


Monday night was a little bit of a challenge as we still has some strong SE winds Water clarity was fair, but the fish seem to have been spread out pretty thin. We rounded up the 2 man limit just after midnight and picked up some bonus fish along the way.


Sunday night was even more of a challenge. We had the same SE wind of 15-20 mph but the flounder just did not come out to play. We ended up with 6 and missed 2. We did pick up some bonus fish before calling it quits. Looks like we may get another chance to see some of the early start of the run with some cooler weather at the end of this week. ??? Who knows?


Saturday night was a challenge. The wind just doesn't want to cooperate. 15-20 mph from another direction every other day. We were able to grind out a 4 man limit as the flounder decided to move in a little later in the night.


That was quick! Left Froggies around 7:45pm and headed into the bay. After watching several flounder boats leave before me, I was worried most of my spots would be occupied. I settled in on a spot with boats nearby, but working a different area of the bank away from everyone. We hit the fish right off the bat, and got selective for the last 5 fish. We ended with the 3 man limit at 9:30pm. Today was my birthday and my clients had to drive home, so we were all happy with the quick ending. Not sure if it was luck or if this front got em moving, as we only stayed in one spot.


Another good night here in POC. The winds really laid down to nothing as the night progressed. It wasn't a super quick night, but not a bad one at all. We had to weed through several smaller flounder to find the keepers. We are still in the early stages of the fall flounder run and need some cooler weather to push the bigger ones up. Most of what is running right now are the smaller male flounder. We did see a lot of beds of all sizes, but the average last night was a little smaller than last weeks average. More to come.


Last night I had the pleasure of taking an outdoor magazine crew along with a 2 man charter. We got a little later start, but came in with a 4 man limit around 12:30am. Flounder gigging continues to stay strong despite the windy conditions. I am looking forward to the article coming out next spring.


Tuesday night was another good night of gigging here in POC. The flounder were stacked up nicely giving us a four man limit by 11pm. Several of them were in the 4-5+lb range.


Gigging with good folks.
Friday night I had the pleasure of taking a great group of guys that make sure there is never a dull moment. You know the crowd, constant jokes at each others expense, sarcastic remarks, and plenty of laughing. I don't think I have ever laughed so much on a charter. I am looking forward to their return in December.


Last night after a day of high winds the water was stained pretty bad. We made several moves in search of clear water. With nothing looking great, we had to just grind out what was available and hope for the best. We got our limit and some bonus fish, but we had to earn them. We finished up around 2am - just about the time the winds started to lay.


Last night was my first flounder gigging charter for the busy month of October. Weather conditions were perfect, cool with little to no wind. Water clarity was off in some areas, but when it was clear, the flounder were set up nice. We gigged our 3 man limit before midnight with 4 nice flounder over 20". The largest was over 23" and weighed almost 6.5 lbs. We are in the early stages of the famous fall flounder run and it looks to be a good one.


Last night I welcomed back some shark fisherman that were competing in the sharkathon in Corpus. Our goal was to fill a cooler full of stingrays and mullet to use as bait. We also decided to gig any flounder that may show up along the way. We ended up getting 30+ stingrays, several mullet, and a couple sheepshead to use for bait. We also managed to get 16 flounder with the largest one going 23". It was a blast and the cooler was completely full.


Gigging conditions continued to stay pleasant through Saturday night here in POC. The winds did shift to the SE and the water clarity was great. We passed on several juvenile flounder and got the 3 man limit before midnight. We even took a photo of a turtle hanging out. I am looking forward to the next couple weeks of gigging.


Last night the conditions were nice once again. The winds were out of the east, but not very strong. We had plenty of clear water to look at and the first spot had 7 or 8 small flounder right off the bat. We even saw one laying on top of another one. We moved around a couple times picking up a few at each spot until we got the 3 man limit. Flounder gigging should continue to improve for the next few weeks leading up to the fall run.


The conditions lately have been nice, sunny skies, light cool breeze, and a little less humidity. Last night the flounder seemed to be off their game as they were not picking up on my patterns. We bounced around the bay for a little while, then the flounder found us. We picked up 17 nice ones with one going 23" and another around 21.5". We picked up a couple bonus fish along the way and took some pictures of a huge black drum cruising the shallows 40"+. We also saw several large reds hanging up tight to the grass in about a foot of water.


Yesterday evening the feeling of Fall was in the air as we headed out. The temp was a little cooler and the winds were light. Water looked beautiful in the bay, but with the recent rains, water movement was sandy colored. The tides were up a bit as well, pushing us up close to the banks and into the grass. We struggled up until around midnight, then just like a light switch, it turned on. We gigged our limit of fish (minus one, we had a miscount) in 2hrs. We also had 9 sheepshead and 2 black drum. We are slowly getting closer to the peak of flounder season. Just waiting for a cool front that will pack a punch and get things started. Weather looks to be nice after Monday for the rest of the week. As the temps start to cool off, remember to bring some light jackets or a long sleeve. The air temp was in the 70s last night. I was comfortable, but a long sleeve would have been better.


Switching winds and rain showers made for some dirty water gigging last night. We managed the two man limit before 1am, but it felt like a slow night. Average size around 17". This weekend may be a challenge if the weather doesn't act any better. Once this front pushes through the gigging should really heat up as the water clears up.


Last night conditions looked bad with 20mph east winds and slack tide approaching. We decided to take gamble and see if the weatherman's prediction of calm winds after 10pm would come true. We tried a few spots and couldn't find any workable water. Then around 10:30 the winds laid and the tide began to push into the bay. We gigged 19 flounder, 5 black drum, and one sheepshead before calling it a night at 1am. We saw several nice flounder that didn't like the presence of the boat and swam away before we got to them. It was a good night and I was glad to see the weather do as predicted.


Yesterday evening the conditions couldn't look any better. The winds were fairly calm out of the north, but very hot! The air felt like standing in front of an oven almost all night. The water was calm, but with the strong out going tide, the bay was murky all over. We did manage to find some decent water and get 10 nice flounder. The folks last night were shark fishermen and wanted to gig some rays to use as bait. Well, we did good there too. We got 12 rays and one good size one 25lbs or so. It was interesting to go after a different species and the larger rays give more of a challenge compared to flounder. It was a fun night, but I am more than anxious to do some gigging with a cool north wind.


Captain Shawn Harvey